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radical diaspora


one night, i found myself at dinner with four first generation kids with nontraditional careers, and what followed was an enlightening conversation on what it means to be a first gen kid in a creative field. during that dinner, we touched on the struggles and hardships we've endured as children of immigrants who didn't choose a prescribed career path, but forged our own.

the conversation was a rarity—and as soon as i realized how exceptional it was for me, i knew there were other kids who needed to have and hear that conversation too. in april 2018, i expanded on that dialogue by hosting a space at soho house chicago for us to speak on our experiences, at the intersection of culture, career, and creativity.

radical diaspora stems from that panel, but as a traveling interview series that takes an in-depth look at one person's story. while the first panel consisted of my first generation peers, radical diaspora aims to be more inclusive and make space for creatives who are immigrants, first generation, or of a diaspora. the series is produced by WGN radio.